LedgerPrime Labs

If digital assets are decentralized, why can’t the financial market community behind them be too?

If you're looking to do big things at the intersection of technology, data, and finance, come join us. LedgerPrime Labs is an in-house research environment where existing and aspiring quantitative strategists and researchers can come together to put their best ideas to test. We have large sums of capital deployed with numerous managers, with dozens more in the pipeline undergoing review and testing an development

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Investement strategies

If you have a repeatable and scalable systematic investment strategy in the digital asset space that you have already developed and are looking for capital and a platform to launch it, let us know! We want to collaborate with you.

If you have a strong hypothesis backed by empirical research of a robust strategy that might work, don’t be afraid to reach out also! We’ll provide you with historical data and a market simulation environment to test your research.

Digital asset research & data

We’re not all about trading here at LedgerPrime. If you’ve uncovered and are sitting on a unique data set or product pertaining to digital assets and the blockchain, we’ll be happy to license it from you.

If you’re itching to spend some time and need resources to pursue cutting edge market research or to write an innovate research report on the blockchain space, we’ll be happy to support you.

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