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Smart Contract Engineer (Solidity)


LedgerPrime is a digital asset investment firm. With a commitment to rapid innovation and a technology first and data-centric approach, LedgerPrime seeks to become a global leader in generating sustained and superior risk-adjusted returns.
We are a team of researchers applying scientific rigor and a disciplined process to investing in the fastest growing asset class in the world.

Job Location


Job description

LedgerPrime is looking for a solidity developer to build its cross-chain optimized yield strategies in DeFi.

What we are looking for


  • 1-3 years of experience with Solidity
  • A deep understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine
  • Prior experience deploying complex smart contract systems to the Ethereum mainnet


  • Design, implement, and test smart contracts for decentralized finance products(including yield pools & strategies)
  • Degree in mathematics or computer science
  • Experience implementing complex math in solidity
  • Experience with React, Redux and other front-end technologies

Career Development and Work Environment

LedgerPrime emphasizes a culture of continuous learning and development. As a fast growing startup, there are myriad opportunities to develop new skills and develop new areas of business that one can gain responsibility in managing. We allow flexible working hours in return for high-quality output and results, frequent communication and responsiveness, and a firm dedication to our mission and team. Benefits include frequent travel, a world class healthcare plan, a competitive salary, and a bonus. To apply, send us your CV with a short introduction and why you would be a good fit.


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