Current Openings

We’re always looking for talented individuals who have conviction to join our core team. Reach out to us at if one of the roles below fits your interests.

Alternatively, head over to LedgerPrime Labs and let us know if you think you are a good match there!

Research Analyst - Special Situations

LedgerPrime is seeking a senior research analyst to ideate, identify, and execute on short to medium term tactical trading opportunities within the digital asset space. Candidates should feel comfortable presenting ideas backed by solid data and information. Candidates should be proactive in sourcing information, such as attending conferences, meeting with technical teams of projects, sharing ideas with other investors, and/or doing deep dives into the fundamental and quantitative aspects of specific cryptocurrencies.

Quantitative Strategist

LedgerPrime is seeking a dynamic and talented quantitative oriented individual to help develop quantitative strategies for live trading in the digital asset spot and derivatives space. This individual will work closely with Portfolio Managers of LedgerPrime to ideate, backtest, and develop trading signals and strategies. Individuals will also play a significant role in managing the risk of the firm’s overall portfolio, and will help develop novel risk management tools and techniques.